Valor House

We provide housing and supportive services at the 72-bed transitional housing facility for Veterans experiencing homelessness.

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Highlights of Valor House

In March of 2019, First Step House became the operator and service provider at Valor House, a facility located on the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) campus in Salt Lake City. Supported by the VA Grant and Per Diem (GPD) program, First Step House designates a certain number of units to the service intensive program, bridge program, special needs, and clinical treatment program.

Core Treatment Components

The service intensive and bridge programs involve helping Veterans with temporary housing and wrap-around case management services to help the homeless Veteran transition into permanent housing. First Step House also provides services specifically to Veterans who have substance use and/or mental health disorders by utilizing the clinical treatment and special needs models. This program provides housing, case management services, clinical services, medication distribution and monitoring, transportation, drug testing and monitoring, housing oversight, recovery-supportive recreational activities, and coordination with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Our Goal

The goal of this program is integrated housing, case management, employment, and clinical treatment services to meet the complex needs of our target population. Program staff ensure that our Veteran tenants can develop the capacity to obtain permanent housing, sustain treatment gains when applicable, access necessary supportive services to prevent de-stabilization, and address barriers including legal involvement, unemployment, and a lack of rental history.

Our Staff

Program staff and case managers are responsible for conducting needs assessments, helping participants create housing action plans and measurable objectives, and assertively working to help participants identify and secure permanent housing opportunities that best suit their needs. Case managers also connect participants to applicable community resources, service providers for specific needs, and our supportive employment program to help them achieve self-sufficiency and meaningful work. Our permanent housing case manager conducts follow-up with all Veterans who transition out of Valor House to ensure they can maintain housing, reduce instability related to behavioral health conditions, mitigate potential risks or relapse that would result in loss of housing for this population, and achieve long-term stability. The frequency of contact and support is highly individualized and determined by the participant and our highly trained staff.

At a Glance

Housing Specifications

72 single room occupancy micro apartments, 218 square feet with private bath, shared laundry and kitchen areas in each wing with a centralized community area, which includes a television, library, and game room. 

Services Rendered

Client-centered case management, medication management, employment support, housing, healthcare coordination, financial education, legal support, life-skills classes, transportation, and, when applicable, clinical treatment services (e.g., mental health and substance use disorder services, psychosocial assessment, individual and group therapy).

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Our Continuum of Care Addresses Your Individual and Whole Health Needs.

We offer a true continuum of care including evidence-based substance use disorder and mental health treatment, targeted case management, supportive employment, healthcare, and physical housing. We advocate for and case manage people from homelessness and triage to treatment completion, recovery housing, employment, permanent housing, and self-sufficiency. 

At First Step House, we recognize that treatment is necessary, but insufficient on its own for sustaining the long-term, whole health needs of an individual. Offering supportive services in conjunction with behavioral health treatment creates long-term positive outcomes for our target population. We are a research-based healthcare provider committed to transforming the cultural norms of our sector that contribute to health disparities and inaccessible or ineffective care. 


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How does a Veteran get into Valor House?

Admissions to Valor House is conducted through a staffing and triage process with the Veterans’ Administration. To be considered for admissions, contact the Veterans’ Homeless Outreach Team at 801.582.1565 ext. 2746, or VA Homeless Program at 801.746.5561 ext. 6319 to explain your situation and start the process to determine if you are a good fit for our program.

If a Veteran has a discharge status that is other than honorable, or if they have limited VA eligibility, can they still get into Valor House?

While certain people still can get into Valor House without full medical benefits from the VA, there are nuances that must be explored by the proper people within the VA. Call the Veterans’ Homeless Outreach Team at 801.582.1565 ext. 2746, or VA Homeless Program at 801.746.5561 ext. 6319 to explain your situation and determine if you are eligible.

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