Our mental health outpatient program allows us to serve those struggling with serious mental illness (SMI), as well as those struggling with mild to moderate mental health conditions. Our substance use disorder outpatient program allows us to serve those with substance use disorders who have completed residential treatment or people whose substance use disorders are stable enough that outpatient services are clinically warranted. 


Highlights of our Outpatient Treatment program

We operate one outpatient treatment facility located at Medina Place Apartments located at 434 South 500 East (2nd Floor), Salt Lake City, UT 84102. This facility provides substance use disorder and mental health outpatient treatment for adult men and women and for tenants living at this facility. 

Core Treatment Components

For those entering our outpatient program, we do a thorough assessment to determine if an outpatient level of care is best suited for individual’s needs. First Step House strives to ensure that each patient receives the appropriate services according to their needs. To accomplish this, we employ diverse therapeutic modalities across our continuum of care. Our therapists help patients address obstacles to their recovery and stressors that may occur outside of a traditional residential treatment setting. Outpatient services also include weekly family groups and monthly family activities. These groups and activities offer families insight into behavioral health conditions.  

Our Staff

We have a strong team of skilled, experienced, and compassionate therapists and case managers who work with our outpatient clients to deliver Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)-based clinical treatment and targeted case management services aimed at helping patients successfully manage their behavioral health condition, become stable in the community, sustain or obtain employment, and access permanent housing. 

At a Glance

Services Rendered

Comprehensive behavioral health assessment, individual therapy, group therapy, psychoeducation classes, medication management, and/or case management services. 

Treatment Hours

Clients typically receive between 5 to 20 hours of treatment per week, depending on their individual treatment plan. 

Outpatient Treatment Timeline

What to Expect

First Step House is a place to make a new start, where people learn and practice the skills necessary to live productive and meaningful lives. Although we offer a multitude of programs and services, we have outlined the outpatient behavioral health treatment process below.

Continuum of care 2

Our Continuum of Care Addresses Your Individual and Whole Health Needs.

We offer a true continuum of care including evidence-based substance use disorder and mental health treatment, targeted case management, supportive employment, healthcare, and physical housing. We advocate for and case manage people from homelessness and triage to treatment completion, recovery housing, employment, permanent housing, and self-sufficiency. 

At First Step House, we recognize that treatment is necessary, but insufficient on its own for sustaining the long-term, whole health needs of an individual. Offering supportive services in conjunction with behavioral health treatment creates long-term positive outcomes for our target population. We are a research-based healthcare provider committed to transforming the cultural norms of our sector that contribute to health disparities and inaccessible or ineffective care. 


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Can I enroll in outpatient treatment without doing residential treatment?

Yes. For those entering our outpatient program, we do a thorough assessment to determine if an outpatient level of care is best suited for the individual’s needs. 

How long will I be at OP?

Your length of stay at Outpatient is determined by you, your therapist, and any other individuals involved in your treatment planning process. There is no “one size fits all” approach to recovery! 

What are the hours of OP?

We are open Monday through Thursday from 10:30am-8:30pm. Classes are scheduled from 5:30pm-8:30pm with a 10-minute break in the middle. 

Do I have to drug test (UA) while in treatment?

 Yes. While enrolled in treatment, you will provide weekly random UAs. We do UAs on holidays and weekends, so please be sure to call the UA number every day. 

What if I need to miss classes due to an emergency?

We understand that emergencies happen. We ask that you contact your therapist as soon as possible to let them know what’s going on.  

What if I want to go on vacation?

Please fill out the “Staff Request Form” with the details of your time off request and give it to your therapist a minimum of 72 hours before you leave. Your therapist will discuss the request with the treatment team and determine if it will be approved or not. 

How often will I see my therapist?

Typically, you will be scheduled to meet with your therapist for an hour every week. This is in addition to your classes and groups.

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