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Every donation helps. Your support directly helps people in need access treatment, become safely housed, and rebuild their lives.

We’re proud to share our Platinum Seal of Transparency

GuideStar’s Highest Seal of Transparency recognizes a nonprofit’s commitment to giving donors and funders meaningful data to evaluate the impact of our mission.

Ways to Give

Become a Monthly Donor


Your monthly donation helps First Step House provide treatment and supportive services to people in dire need.

Donations by check can be mailed to 440 South 500 East Salt Lake City, UT 84102

Donate Hygiene Items and Clothing


Help us meet basic needs for the people we serve in treatment and housing. We currently need the following:

  • New towels, socks, underwear, undershirts
  • New personal hygiene items
  • New home cleaning items

Link Your Shopping Account


By linking your Smith’s account to First Step House, you automatically contribute a small portion of every purchase to support our programs. This service costs nothing for you to use and has a big impact for us.



We welcome volunteers to help prepare meals, paint rooms, and assist with other projects around our facilities.

Your donation helps ensure:

  • People in need have access to the highest quality treatment for substance use disorders and behavioral health conditions.
  • People with serious mental illness and other struggles have a permanent home and ongoing support.
  • Homeless veterans can access safe, supportive housing.
  • Our community experiences fewer recurrent jail stays, visits to the emergency room, and preventable deaths.
  • No one is turned away from treatment because of an inability to pay.

Your Support Makes a Difference

I really cannot overstate the amount of help that First Step House provided for me in my time of need.

A First Step House Client

There have been so many people in my life that I couldn't help; it makes me feel better knowing there are some that I can.

A First Step House Monthly Donor

My first day at FSH was when I decided to stop dying, and start doing something about my life.

A First Step House Client

From the stellar case managers all the way to the program directors, the therapists, even the peer support staff and drivers — ALL of them gave me hope, encouragement, and believed in me during a time when I had none of those things for myself.

A First Step House Client

I had lost everything and everyone. [...] All of that changed the day I made it to First Step House. I have never been as happy or had as much hope for the future as I do now.

A First Step House Client

At First Step House they don't offer short-cuts or easy shallow promises. They think long term about what people need to change their lives, and then take action to provide services throughout a person's journey to recovery.

A First Step House Volunteer