About Us

First Step House has evolved into a co-occurring capable, behavioral health treatment and housing provider. 

About us

Our History

First Step House was incorporated in 1958 by members of Alcoholics Anonymous, who focused on rehabilitating those struggling with alcohol abuse. The founders started our program in a dilapidated house located in downtown Salt Lake City. The owner of the original 12-room, vacant house agreed to allow the building to be used rent free for six months, if the residents would remodel the building during their stay. First Step House has changed significantly since its inception. However, we remain committed to working within our community to address the challenge of addiction, mental health, homelessness, and criminal justice involvement.

Vocational support and community partnerships were key components of our original establishment and continue to be essential to our programming today. Presently, we offer a variety of treatment, housing, healthcare, and employment services that are tailored to the needs of the individual.

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Who We Serve

Our primary target population consists of no and low-income individuals, including Veterans, diagnosed with substance use disorders, with a large portion diagnosed with co-occurring mental health conditions. Nearly all of our recipients have experienced unemployment, homelessness, primary health concerns, and involvement in the justice system as a result of these conditions. Through our programs and services, we serve over 1,200 individuals per year who arrive at our doorstep with very little resources, lack of family support, and numerous barriers to overcome. 

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Our Vision is to serve 5,000 people per year by 2028 using the highest-quality supportive services possible. 

Our vision is guided by our desire to meet the needs of the people we serve in the most effective manner possible. This drives us to deliver evidence-based and client-centered care, develop housing capacity, and deliver robust case management and supportive employment services. We have evolved with the behavioral health treatment fields, acquiring new knowledge and gaining a deeper understanding of the strategies and models that are effective at helping people address their whole health needs and become stable in their lives. 

In recent years, these changes have driven us to implement a recovery-oriented system of care that spans the continuum of care across pre-treatment, treatment entry, recovery initiation, housing, and long-term recovery management. This continuum is anchored in a chronic disease management approach. Because client care is so important to us, our vision is to touch as many lives as possible in our community using the highest quality services available.

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