Veterans Services

Due to the number and degree of stressful experiences often encountered during military service, veterans are at risk for developing substance use disorders. Such experiences include injury, loss of physical functioning, loss of friends, and prolonged exposure to high-stress situations. These factors often contribute to the development of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and other behavioral health conditions.

We have a long history of helping veterans recover from the negative effects of substance use disorders. Our treatment for veterans begins with a comprehensive assessment using a well-validated, multidimensional assessment tool (American Society of Addiction Medicine Patient Placement Criteria, ASAM-PPC), that examines the client’s substance-use history, motivation for change, medical issues, living environment, and more. Using this information, an assigned clinician who is experienced with working with veterans and understands their unique needs, works with the client to determine the best course of treatment. The clinician regularly reevaluates the client’s treatment needs with both the client and the treatment team. First Step House works to provide targeted services (including housing) to veterans utilizing a range of clinical care levels. Clinical care and supportive services are delivered by staff trained to meet the complex needs of veterans as well as by employees who are often veterans themselves.


Veterans Treatment and Supportive Services

  • Individual and group therapy sessions (in both residential and outpatient settings)

  • Medication dispensing and monitoring

  • Urinalysis testing and monitoring

  • Relapse management

  • Assist with employment possibilities after it is clinically approved

  • Assist with the Housing Authority and Senior Housing paperwork, and assist clients in navigating program enrollment

  • Navigation of the Veterans Administration and assistance with disability appeals, records retrieval, enrollment for benefits, pension submissions, and more

  • Transportation and monitoring for all VA appointments – often times our veterans have numerous medical and dental issues that are an important part of their continued recovery

  • Veteran-to-veteran support – we provide peer veteran support that includes weekly one-on-one support meetings, and consistent help with day-to-day living. We have coverage 7 days a week

  • Regular community-based recreational activities such as lunches, breakfasts, sporting events, and movies. Sober living is a very important aspect of the mens’ future lives and recovery

  • After program completion, FSH strives to have continued contact with clients and offer long-term support