Our Vision

Our goal is to serve 5,000 people per year by 2028 using the highest-quality, evidence-based, recovery-oriented services possible.

Our vision has always been guided by principles centered around meeting the needs of our patients. This drives us to deliver highly individualized care that is patient centered, utilize evidence-base interventions, develop housing capacity, deliver robust case management services that support stability, and provide long-term recovery care. We have evolved with the substance use disorder and behavioral health treatment fields, acquiring new knowledge and gaining a deeper understanding of effective strategies and models proven to help people address their addiction and become stable in their recovery. In recent years, these changes have driven us to implement a recovery oriented system of care that spans the continuum of care from pre-treatment, treatment initiation, recovery initiation, housing, and long-term recovery management in the community. This idea is solidly anchored in a chronic disease management approach. Because patient care is so important to us, our vision is to touch as many lives as possible in our community using the highest quality services available. That is why we have set the goal of serving 5,000 people per year, in 10 years, with a range of primary healthcare, behavioral health, employment, and housing services.