About Us


We help people build lives of meaning, purpose, and recovery.

This mission statement underlies all that we do at First Step House. We have found that an essential element in the recovery process is helping people find, or rediscover, a deep sense of meaning and purpose in their lives. This begins by showing compassion and respect for every client we serve. During the recovery process we work hard to provide the scaffolding our clients need to thrive. Examples of this include, increasing peoples connection to support groups, providing individual and group therapy, helping clients find affordable housing, addressing health concerns, and helping people who are legally involved. As our clients stabilize in recovery, we encourage them to give back to the community. We work hard to provide recovery services for those with the greatest need and find a deep sense of purpose in this work.



First Step House was incorporated in 1958 by members of Alcoholics Anonymous, who focused on rehabilitating those struggling with alcohol abuse. The founders started our program in a dilapidated house located in downtown Salt Lake City. The owner of the original 12-room, vacant house agreed to allow the building to be used rent free for six months, if the residents would remodel the building during their stay.


First Step House has changed significantly since its inception. However, we remain committed to working within our community to address the challenge of addiction.  Vocational support and community partnerships were key components of our original establishment and continue to be essential to our programming today. Presently, we offer a variety of treatment services that are tailored to the needs of the individual. Although our program is not 12-step specific, we offer 12-step classes and support participation in community-based AA groups, as well as other recovery support groups.


Who We Serve

We currently serve adult males, ages 18 years and older, who have been diagnosed with substance use disorders. A number of our clients also have mental health disorders and many experience the secondary conditions of severe substance abuse, including unemployment and homelessness. We also work with the veterans in our community and have veteran-specific programming. Finally, we work with a number of people who are legally involved.



Treatment Facilities

  • Our residential facility is located at 411 North Grant Street and has full amenities, including 61 beds, an industrial kitchen, a nurse station, an exercise room, a basketball court, and a play area for families. Learn More.
  • Our outpatient facility is located at 2200 South State Street. We offer morning and evening classes. Learn More.


Recovery Campus

We are excited to announce the addition of a new 50-bed facility that opened on January 8, 2016. The completion of Phase One of our Recovery Campus included the renovation of a building located in downtown Salt Lake City that will serve as a treatment and housing center for veterans. The addition of 32 treatment beds and 18 transitional housing beds will enable us to provide more targeted services to the veteran population. This will allow us to increase services at our other locations as well, which will help us meet the expanding need for treatment in our community. Learn More.


Transitional Housing

First Step House has over 50 years of property management experience. Our organization currently manages five separate transitional housing units that provide housing for people who are ready to complete residential treatment, as well as individuals participating in mental health court.  Housing is a critical component of long-term recovery. Learn More.